What do I do?

I am 35 weeks pregnant. Everything is fine with the baby. However, the problem is my heart. It was fine before. There was no indication of any problems before. However, two weeks ago, I wasn't feeling so good. I went in for a check up. My ECG was off the charts. They said that my heart is acting up. However, they can't do anything about it while I'm pregnant. They strongly recommended I get induced early. So, that they can do something about my heart. I'm scared, though. They say that the baby is almost completely ready. Just quite weak. However, that can be managed by keeping him incubated after birth. What do I do? I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if something happened to him.

  1. callisy3 months ago

    You have to be strong during this period. I can feel the type of confusion that you are in. Maybe the pregnancy is what triggered the pregnancy symptoms. How I wish you could just be calm. If at all it is not affecting the bay. Then you have nothing to worry. But it will do have an impact in your health. I think the doctors should look forward to the best method that they can help you. Like if possible still being pregnant will have a much bigger effect in you. Then you can have the baby retrieved and to be incubated. If at all that will be only solution. But if you can still wait till you give birth. Then you should be seeing a doctor more frequent. For being on medication during pregnancy might have its own effects too. Bio texcom clinic has really specialized in this sector. But I do hope you find a solution in your case.

  2. LindaEskridge1 month ago

    Hey there. I hope that you're doing good. Firstly congratulations that you're going to have a baby. You must consider yourself lucky. I've seen women here cry over their infertility. So you're really very lucky that you're blessed with one. Secondly, your age is a factor causing problems with your heart. At this age (over 35) women are more likely to have miscarriages. It's good that you took an action immediately for it. If your doctors are saying that your baby is ready then you should go for it. My sister also had a quite similar case. She had some problem with her kidney. Her delivery was also carried earlier than the time. But her baby was alright. So don't worry. You're right that you'll regret it if something happens to your baby. Everyone desires for a family. Those are very lucky who have it without any difficulty. But your life is precious than any other thing. Just go for it. Everything will be fine. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. So don't take any stress. Even this can cause problems. Stay relaxed. And take care of yourself. Best of luck!

  3. Jasmine221 month ago

    You are almost there you just need some extra care and time. You are very lucky you are having a baby. Me trying for almost 7 years but didn't conceived naturally. I can feel your condition right now but your are almost done with your pregnancy and you are doing every thing right. I wish i had a baby like you but i want to congratulate you a very happy life. This situation is tough for you your husband needs to be supportive and caring in this situation. Every thing will be fine soon. So whatever happens in life there is a reason behind it we have to bow in front of it.

  4. pheobe4121 month ago

    No don't worry. Nothing is going to happen to him. It's just simple procedure. If the doctors are saying he is fine. He just need to be kept under observation after he born. So don't worry it's a process. You can't do anything about it. You have to face it. But don't worry. You know this could be a matter of your age. You are at this age where it could happen. It's normal. Deliveries after the age of 30. They could have complications. Not a big deal. Just don't worry about anything dear. Best of luck and please don't get worried. It's nothing. It's just a process. It should be followed.

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