What needs to expect in the IVF clinics in Kiev?

Hello ladies,, as you are all aware, we have delved into detail on the diverse places where one can get help. In a number of instances, I only empathize with colleagues who have undergone negative experiences.
I love Kiev, maybe because of the experience I got. This place found a solution to my infertility case. I visited a clinic in the outskirts of Kiev that made me have the best experience ever. One thing is for sure, the level of professionalism that I got at the Clinic still remain part of my reproductive memory.
I had a case of ttc for several months; little did I know that I had a blocked fallopian tube. Hope was not lost as my doctor prescribed IVF or surrogacy as my womb was in perfect condition.
But I wanted to get you up to spewed with what to expect in a normal IVF fertility program at this clinic in Kiev. From the airport of Boryspil, expect to receive a warm welcome by one of the staff from the clinic.
Like in my case, my husbands was really supportive, we went all the way. However, as a mandatory requirement, the sperm needs to be donated by your husband or your boyfriend. In the case of the other couples who sought surrogacy, I learnt that it’s not mandatory to see the sperm donor at the initial stages of pregnancy but later.
The frozen sperm, as most are aware, sperm cell cannot stay outside for long is then infused into the ovarian wall for implantation. I was amazed at the level of expertise at the clinic. As is the norm, the clinic has a way of picking clients at the airport and taking them to a hotel where they will stay.
We had the chance to interact with other couples who also came for services like surrogacy. The mix of client, mainly from the Americas and Europe was baffling. But I learnt, that just like the case in my place, the US has strict laws on IVF. The fact that the clinic has that service makes it an ideal place for couples like me.
As I empathize with those who may have had a negative experience, my clinic did not charge me a dime for the accommodation costs. I know we have different experiences, what do you think, which clinic did you visit?

  1. monica121 year ago

    thanks, i like these clinic as i once had fertility case that i only traveled to sort here. you have spoken well. one particular clinic in the central part of Kiev may interest most of you ladies having issues to do with IVF.
    biotexcom is a real deal when it comes to provision of impeccable services. coming to the costs, their variable cost regime with their offers on accommodation and transport during ones stay carried me off my feet.
    at the clinic, there is no case of permanent infertility as the several trials done ensure 100% chance of conceiving. i love these people.

  2. kelly_K1 year ago

    Hi welcome dear. I am here for you to provide step by step information about IVF clinic center to solve your doubt in easy and understand way. If you want to use latest technology to get pregnant soon, you can choose the best in class effective method of IVF with high success rate. I also faced this situation in my life. I used many effective methods to conceive but failed all time. I become physically and mentally weak day by day. I specially thank to my husband who understands my problem and courage me to handle with situation in positive way.
    Once we visited to Ukraine to join a friend’s marriage party. We discuss with doctor who also come to join the marriage party. We visit to his clinic to discuss in detail about the best in class solution. He understands my problem and provides best effective method to get God gift that full my life with endless joy. You should be very informative to get the best services for IVF clinic to get the reliable services with high success rate to provide real value of time and money with God gift like me.
    Experience IVF technology is first and foremost point that you should keep in mind while getting genuine IVF services. You get maximum positive benefit by choosing experience staff that has enough knowledge to handle all type of instrument in effective way. You can judge the best IVF clinic with his success rate is the key of signal that speak louder than words. You can choose easy to use and well trained professional expert to handle all type of situation in professional way. I also give first preference to experience staff that can easily understand my problem and use appropriate step to provide the best fruit of God to make me complete women that every women want to achieve in her life. I want to express my heartily thanks to Dr. and God to fill my life with joy. This is your turn to get baby gift to enjoy endless joy like me

  3. hellen2011 year ago

    this is the place to be! for once, i think i have just landed in the right place. i have been looking for forums with discussions on the best places to go for ivf and general information on the same. while some places i have gone to are quite cagey, i have just seen what i need to know by reading the first post on IVF. i would love to see more being shared for the benefit of those of us who are searching for the best clinics ti go to. i hear the Ukrainian clinics are doing marvelous! who has used them, please share out here. thanks -newbie

  4. luciey1 year ago

    I am delighted with the confessions here. Over the course of our lives, we tend to take time and think about the issue of infertility. It does not cross our minds and the only thing to do is to take charge of our lives. Being in such a forum is an honour and it motivates many. Myself, I attended Ukrainian clinics and I can vouch for them. It was not a bad experience while there. All that one needs in such commendable places is having the right mind. A mind of hope and expecting the very best as the doctors in these clinics are awesome.

  5. Channary1 year ago

    Hey Chrisphine. I am happy to hear your story. I am glad things turned out well for you. Congratulations. Hospitality and professionalism are so important. People generally rate hospitals or clinics solely on the basis of their expertise in the field.However, I feel that a well-rounded experience is what makes a clinic great.

  6. Dannie 1 year ago

    Hello Christine. I am glad to read your post. It is satisfying to know that you got the solution. Professionalism is all that makes you satisfied. I am glad that your husband was supportive. It seems all the things were in your favor. That’s great if you have suggested surrogacy. Just like you I also had my baby through surrogacy.

  7. Malena1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing your personal experience with this clinic.

    My husband and I are considering going to Ukraine for surrogacy too. I'm not sure if this is the clinic that we were suggested. Can you please share its name with us?

    We will hopefully leave right after the Christmas. Also, you mentioned they did not charge you for accommodation... is that for real? How much had the program cost you in total?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  8. belley1 year ago

    My sister and her husband have been there last year for surrogacy. She also has all the nice things to say about this center. The people of Ukraine are great and also the stay/accommodation the center provided us was splendid, she says.

    I will also definitely recommend this clinic to everyone.

    Oh, and my sister has a surrogate baby boy now :)

  9. Mia8511 year ago

    Hello Chrisphine. I am happy you had such a wonderful experience. Could you please tell me the name of the clinic too? I am hoping to get a solution for my infertility too. If it is against the rules to post here, then I understand of course. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

  10. hannahperk1 year ago

    If it happens in your good cause then congratulations. What else do you need. It's really helpful for you. I am happy that you had a beautiful experience. It's great. As you are saying it means this clinic is recommendable to others. right??

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