When should we seek medical help?

When should we seek medical help?

  1. alice00251 year ago

    Most doctors advise you not to be concerned unless you have been trying to conceive - not using birth control and having regular intercourse around the time of ovulation - for at least a year.
    Women with certain symptoms or previous medical conditions may wish to seek medical advice earlier. Some symptoms or prior conditions make fertility problems more likely, and others may indicate a medical condition that needs treatment for other reasons. Seek medical advice if:
    • You have lots of pain during your menstrual period or during intercourse.
    • You have an abnormal menstrual cycle (less than 21 or more than 35 days from the first day of one cycle to the first day of the next).
    • You are troubled by acne or excess facial or body hair.
    • You have had pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), an infection in the reproductive organs, usually the fallopian tubes.
    • You have had su
    • rgery on your reproductive organs, such as a cone biopsy of the cervix.
    • You have had more than one miscarriage.
    • Your partner has an abnormal sperm analysis. 11. Ideally, a couple will attend the first medical appointment together. The man and woman will be interviewed about many topics in order to determine possible reasons that conception has not occurred. A man may be asked about his development at puberty; whether he has ever fathered children, if he has had infections or other illnesses, or any injuries or operations involving his genitals; and what medications he has used. He will also be asked about recreational drug use, and any chemicals to which he is exposed in his work or hobbies.

  2. claire6790711 year ago

    I dont exactly know what you mean by medical help. But from experience, i will tell you to have the doctors on board throughout the process, which includes getting check ups and tests before you start trying. With me, that was my mistake. I was happily trying to conceive, without knowing that my body could not sustain a pregnancy and my uterine lining was not thick enough to ensure that i had a baby. i could conceive, but i couldnt carry my child to full term. it was really disheartening for my husband and i, but we manged to stay strong in our relationship and power through it. the doctors and nurses that we interacted with at our local clinic were also such a big part of how we got through it. They had group therapy sessions where they discussed people and their feelings and also explained new potential alternatives we could try. Had I not done that, I wouldnt have been made aware of clinics in places like ukraine etc, or for that matter been made comfortable with things like ivf or surrogacy . I wouldnt have my son. I dont mean to alarm or frighten you. I just want to put things in perspective for you through the lens of my own experience. I hope this helped. Thanks for reading.

  3. Hannah.David1 year ago

    Well, it really depends on your condition. If you have been having your periods irregularly then you should seek for the doctor really soon. Also, if you have PCOS then to it is important to seek help. However, other than that doctors usually say that it at least takes a year for a couple to conceive. After which if you are unable to conceive then it is important to visit a doctor. Sometimes doctors won't do a proper checkup and put you on medication. For some, they do workout however for some they don't. In such situations make sure you aren't wasting your time. Best of luck.

  4. Sara Taylor1 year ago

    I think it depends from person to person.You can get the help when you think it is the right time. After few years of TTC, you should go to the doctor. Early mediation can help you a lot. Choice of a good clinic is also important. I think you should choose a clinic that has a good record. I wish you the best in future.

  5. Sloth551 year ago

    Hello, hope you are doing fine. You have posted in the pregnancy category so I am assuming you need help regarding that. It would have been great if you had shared your issue too. I think you aren't comfortable with that. That's totally OK. I understand how it feels. I also don't like to share my personal stuff. It makes me feel bad. It makes me feel like I am asking for sympathy. Which is not what I even intend to do. About your problem, fertility clinics are nice in Europe. Especially in Eastern Europe. Do some research. You will get to find a lot.

  6. annabelle9871 year ago

    Very informative post-Sophia. We must keep an eye on all the symptoms you have mentioned. But sometimes, you don't have any symptom but still, you are infertile. As is the case with me. I am diagnosed with double infertility. I and my husband both are infertile. Surrogacy is the only and last option for us. So, going to Ukraine for this procedure. When one of the partners is fertile. Then other methods can be tried. But when you don't have any other option. Then surrogacy is the only option.

  7. Diana1998 1 year ago

    A brilliant idea, it is true that very few women will think about seeking medical advice unless they are proven to be infertile. However, in this 21st century, you don’t need to wait until when conceiving becomes difficult before you think about seeing a fertility expert. There is a tale tell sign that will show you that all is not well and so you need to take steps to help solve the fertility issue you are facing. Women who experience a lot of pain during menstruation must know that all is not well. Similarly, those who feel pain during intercourse should suspect that something is amiss. Similarly, ladies who have either a short or a prolonged menstrual cycle should go for check-ups. If it is less than 22 day or longer than 35 days, you should know that something is not right and you need to see a doctor. Also, ladies who experience acne and those who have a lot of body hair should assume that all is ok. They should make a point of seeing a doctor to help you. Ladies who have been diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory diseases or those that have had an infection in the reproductive organ especially the fallopian tube should know that all is not well. Also, anyone who has had a surgery of the cervix or who have had a surgical abortion should consider check-ups. The earlier your infertility is discovered the better since it may help you find a solution. So don’t just sit there but go for check-ups.

  8. rebecca121 year ago

    Hey there Luna! I hope you're doing fine. Well, as you've posted in the pregnancy forum, I'm guessing that you're asking about when to seek medical help when you're TTC for quite some time. So, I would want to tell you that it depends on person to person. If you're trying for a year or more and you think there's something wrong, then you shouldn't waste time and go see a doctor. If you have regular periods then I don't think you should worry much. Going to a fertility expert and getting yourself checked is not a big issue. In fact, it's good if you have a check-up. Then God forbid, if you're declared infertile, the doctor will guide you further and give you medical assistance. Some couples try for years and then conceive. Getting yourself checked will assure you if there's any problem or not. Infertility is very common nowadays. And so are it's treatments. Some couples easily get cured and some don't. I wish your problem gets solved. Lots of love.

  9. Boone1 year ago

    whenever the help is required. You should take help from it. It should be really helpful. i assume people say sometime that it's not good seeking medical help. It is never like that. We should always seek medical help. Whenever we see something is happening that is unusual. It's really helpful for it.

  10. Boone1 year ago

    I guess you should ask the doctor first about your condition. It's going to very helpful for you. After that, I guess you should take some tests. When your condition is clear to you. I guess then you should go and seek medical help then. Medical help is really important to seek in every condition. I guess we should never lose it. Whenever it' necessary you should have taken it. It's going to be very helpful in every matter. Just take care allot. I hope I helped.

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