Why not Surrogacy?

Hi Everyone! Hope you all doing great. My question to you all is that we are in 2018 yet still surrogacy is considered controversial to say the least. Most people consider it immoral and unethical yet most of these people are still unaware of the horrors of infertility. Surrogacy is quite literally the last chance for some people to have their own biological child. Many countries have legalized this process like Ukraine yet Germany, Japan and many other countries have still prohibited this procedure. I am also infertile and had to resort to surrogacy from Ukraine as my means to start a family. Through surrogacy I was able to have my own biological daughter. I stand with surrogacy DO you?

  1. Leslie Hanson10 months ago

    You are so completely right! This is something I feel strongly about as well. It hurts me to see so many people struggling with TTC. It's not an easy thing for many. However, what they don't understand is that we need the procedures like surrogacy and IVF as alternatives. Miracles don't happen to everyone. I wish people were more accepting. And I'm also glad that many are compared to years before. Kids are a blessing and everyone should get the chance to have them. Anyone struggling is welcome to share their experience and feelings here with us. I know I'd love tot help!

  2. Hannah.David10 months ago

    Hey, Emily, I hope you are doing well. Thank you for this post. I completely agree with you and think that people need to start looking at the procedure from the positive side. I myself have opted for the procedure and the process has made me so much more peaceful. I don't get why people are hesitant to talk about it now. There are so many success stories over the internet now. I personally think that if someone wants to have a good surrogacy expereince they should research properly. It is true that surrogacy has only been legalized in few countries. Within these few countries, there are different laws and regulations for the process. Therefore, doing your own research is important to check whether the policy matches with your requirements. For example in India foreigners are not allowed to opt for surrogacy. Therefore, you have to be careful. I am visiting Ukraine for my procedure as the rules and regulations over there make the process extremely valid. Best of luck to all those who are opting for the procedure. Spreading awareness regarding surrogacy and its positive impact has become a necessity now.

  3. Ada10 months ago

    Emily123 yeah we all are right. Hopefully, you are also doing your best. Hey, you are right. That’s why people don’t get a cure for their infertility. They focus on adopting a child rather than going for surrogacy. they think this is an immoral activity. I am up for surrogacy but I also sometimes deny it. several situations are there which you have to keep in your mind.

  4. Manon10 months ago

    Hello! Congratulations. Good to hear that you choose surrogacy to complete your family. Infertility is really a hard thing to face. I agreed with you. Surrogacy is like the last hope for the people who cannot conceive naturally. Nowadays it is a popular and safe technique for having a baby. But you are right to that there are still some people who are in the opposition. I do not know why people oppose it. How can it be bad? Yes, of course, there are risks in the surrogacy. But the risk is also attached with conceiving naturally. I am also an infertile person. I had faced infertility for many years. Then finally I had become a mother because of the blessing of surrogacy. Surrogacy completes families. It distributes happiness among the infertile. I would like to see surrogacy as a legalized process. Thank you for sharing your views.

  5. LonieKot10 months ago

    According to me it is. I'm sharing my journey of Surrogacy with you.
    I'm basically from Japan we are settled in Japan from past few years.We are happily married.I'm totally infertile now as i had hysterectomy cancer and as i result i am infertile now. But my husband was there with me every time. Than we searched about surrogacy and found it best solution for us.
    As Japan has banned surrogacy so we moved to Europe to find our dream come true.Than we moved to Ukraine as we heard there are many good clinics regarding surrogacy in Ukraine.In Ukraine we found a clinic and consulted them.They helped us to find a good surrogate mom.Now she is pregnant with our twin daughters.We are very excited about having two daughters.We are so thankful to the clinic.The surrogates mom are kind they let us have our dream come true.
    Share your stories too

  6. DiviyaSalana10 months ago

    Hello Emily! Congrats to hear about your child. Yes! I completely agree with you on this stance here. I've also seen cases of Japan before, many people come from Japan to centers in Ukraine for surrogacy and relative procedures. It has also come to my attention that still yet in this era of technology people behave and become like stoneaged. So, yeah! I also don't think that it should be that way. Even, my own cousin sister had surrogacy last year in Ukraine. Yes! She lives in Illinois, the U.S. They have it banned for commercial use there. So, yeah! More importantly, she couldn't afford it there. So, yeah! Now, she also has a baby girl through it. I'd definitely endorse it for someone else.

  7. rebecca1210 months ago

    This is such a positive post! I stand with surrogacy too, Emily! I believe that surrogacy is a beautiful blessing through which every couple's dream can be accomplished. It is very true that even in today's fully modernized world, surrogacy is considered fake and unnatural. I'd like to mention that these are those people who are lucky to conceive their own children but degrade others who aren't as lucky as them. Infertility is definitely terrible and it starts to kill the person from inside. Rather than sitting and getting depressed over something which isn't even your fault, one should do something about it. Assisted conceptions are there for our ease and we should make full use of it. Surrogacy is helping couples around the world to have biological babies. Even the gay couples are having children now because of surrogacy. Which I believe is phenomenal. Surrogacy will surely become legal worldwide one day! Anyhow, Congratulations to you! Thanks for starting this post. Much love.

  8. lily1210 months ago

    Hi emily123. Hope you are doing well. Your post is really heart touching. I know many people around the world are against surrogacy. It's not okay at all. Some couples do not get smoothly done this process of having a child. What about the pain of couples who are suffering. We need people like you in our society. Awareness is really important for the world. Everyone has a right to have their own children. People need to accept these methods. It is not wise to criticize them for no solid reason. I must say, your post is motivating others in a good manner. Thanks for sharing possible words on surrogacy. Surrogacy is making impossible possible. I request people to aware others and stop being against it. Good luck everyone.

  9. Petja10 months ago

    I have also planned to go for surrogacy now. I am tired of all the other procedures now. I tried IVF and IUI but no luck. I have been trying to TTC from last 10 year but i don't have any luck with it.I went to many doctors for check up.They can't tell why i'm unable to conceive.I don't know the reason for my infertility.I tried many other methods like IUI and IVF but there was no luck with them too. So i gave up.Than a friend of mine told me about surrogacy.I found surrogacy to be a good solution to my problem.
    I have contacted some clinics about surrogacy.There are best clinics about surrogacy. BioTexCom is a good clinic with good reputation and reviews. i have contacted the clinic.They told me we can have a baby of our own.I will surely go for surrogacy soon.I am still finding some answers to my confusions.
    If someone has experience about it let me know than.

  10. NIAVAIN10 months ago

    Emily, you have discussed a significant and prevailing stigma associated with surrogacy or other infertility treatments. Indeed, couples who have failed to conceive naturally resort to surrogacy as their last hope. And as the globalization has allowed several other technologies to spread across the globe similarly, surrogacy has become more discussed and approached treatment. However, there are countries who still have not accepted infertility as a global concern. Europe has become one of the most sought treatment.

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