wish me luck!

Hi everyone! I'm leaving for Ukraine in a week or two. I hope it goes well for me. I'm just going to initial screening and tests. So, wish me luck! I'll keep updating it here with my process. I just prayers and strongness for now.

  1. Hom11 months ago

    Good luck and prayers!

  2. anne6790710 months ago

    Hey i have been seeing really good things about what place i think you are talking about. apparently it has really good reviews and every one seems to be saying really good things about it. i am really new to researching about surrogacy but this clinic in ukraine seems to come up a lot, and i have been checking it out too, it seems to be really legit, sand i am thinking of contacting them myself, and discussing my situation with them. i have an unexplained case of infertility and i want to see how this clinic can help me. i hope you have really good luck with this place and ill be staying tuned to see how your experience goes! best wishes!

  3. KatieTan10 months ago

    All the best and my lots of prayers are with you. May you succeed in the purpose you are going for. I have listened to a lot of success stories about a clinic in Ukraine, I wish you also came back with a lovely success story. Good luck and keep us updated. love.

  4. KristenBoyd10 months ago

    Hi there. How are you? I think opted the best. I heard positive reviews about surrogacy in Ukraine. They take good care of surrogate mothers. I wish you all the best Take care of your diet and health.

  5. marylux10 months ago

    Hi there. I wish you good luck and lots of prayers for your successful treatment. I have also heard a lot about a clinic in Ukraine. It is very good surrogacy clinic and providing treatment at very affordable rates. Recently my friend came back with successful surrogacy and enjoying her life with her child.

  6. MarcellaCornett10 months ago

    Every last one of best and my parts for supplications to God needs aid with you. Might you succeed in the design you would set off for? I bring listened with a considerable measure of victory stories regarding the facility in Ukraine, I wish you likewise originated once again for An flawless accomplishment story. Great luckiness and stay with us updated. Affection.

  7. Hannah.David10 months ago

    Hey Tinayork! I hope you're doing good! I am glad that you took the decision! As a lot of women are confused about this whole situation. You going there could actually help a lot of women! It will act as a source of guidance. Throughout the process stay calm and stress-free. Do keep us updated about small little things. All my best wishes are with you. I hope it is a success! Hope you're able to experience motherhood soon! As I myself have heard a lot of good things about the clinic in this country. Best of luck!

  8. DiannaViktor10 months ago

    Good luck! I will pray for you. I hope you get what you deserve! I still remember my procedure at Ukraine. I know how it excites...Stay blessed! xx

  9. lenda_honey10 months ago

    good luck Tina! I hope all goes well for you. I know you must be really nervous. I know I would be. Please do keep us updated about your trip as well as your test results. although I haven't been there personally I've heard a great deal about this place. So far the best thing I've heard is that they a 100% success rate which is just crazy ! and the fact that they give you infinite try really shows there dedication to the matter. All the best luck to you. you got this girl don't worry everything will be alright. when you get back to tell us all about it. I myself am thinking of surrogacy and so far the most I've heard about is this place in Ukraine.

  10. christane10 months ago

    "Hello, tinayork.Don't get scared.By the mood swings, Enjoy the journey....Your pregnancy will be an experience priceless.I know you are going to be a great parent. I'm looking forward to seeing you with your new baby, and I'm wishing you the joy that will come from all your new experience.Congratulations.


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