I am a first time mom to a beautiful 2 month old daughter, 2 months corrected. From the moment my daughter became apart of me i new what i was put on this earth to be; Her mother. I carry my destiny in my arms every day, to say i am blessed is an understatement. My daughter has inspired me. From the moment she decided to bless the world with her presence early she has been determined and courageous. She has defined the meaning of strength and perseverance. Her NICU journey was a painful road to walk down but incredibly rewarding. It showed me i was capable of so much more strength, endurance, courage and commitment than i ever thought possible. Christa's (A founder of Mom meet Mom) piece "What being a preemie mom means" Sums up my experience in a nut shell. My daughter is home now, but our NICU battle will never end. Every day there is a new obstacle, some average and some irregular. I joined this site for support, for friendship, for freedom. Freedom of the feeling of confinement to a situation i will never fully understand. To have a place i can reach out to others for guidance when i feel lost and understanding when i feel alone. I am grateful to have found such a place in this site and i thank the founders for creating such a safe haven. To you ladies, the words thank you does not suffice.