Sarah Cooper

If I had the time- I would be a blogger/ advice columnist. Unraveling life's trials and tribulations while maintaining a dry, sarcastic, often silly sense of humor would be my full-time occupation. I should stipulate- being the stereotypical sassy brunette sitcom bestie would be my kind of blackberry jam IF adopting all of the racing greyhounds in the world, professional time traveling agent, and Tudor England aficionado (documentaries, books, fashion, political intrigue) weren't available. When I'm not dashing between my howling one year old and my howling newborn (really more of a loping while I recover from this second c-section)- I am enjoying the fifteen minutes of time before I collapse in bed acknowledging my husband, scratching my dog behind his ears, watching RuPauls Drag Race reruns on my phone, dreaming in envy on Pintrest, or listening to music - volume all the way up, in my giant headphones, practicing my fictional tv drama entrances and exits. I would go back and finish my Bachelors degree, but I have too many interests and the things I am interested in cost too much and lack applicability in this "practical" world. I will rant about how depressing the higher education system is on end. Stop me. Remind me of cute baby animal Youtube compilations, drag queens, Tom Hardy and Travis Fimmel, pastries, and good coffee. I'll feel better. In closing: in being new to the Lincoln, NE area- I would absolutely love some good friends who can provide playmates for my babies, be a ray of sunshine and support (or equally frazzled realness) in my small tyrannical household, and drink wine. I'm an open book (and a bibliophile) and happy to meet anyone. Having an array of eclectic friends is what keeps you a well-rounded human. Cheers- Sarah.