Hello momy's! Im a new mom, 7 months to be exact. I actually moved to texas resently because my husband got a job here with his career. I lived in Oregon for a long time and then i lived in Cancun for a few years. So i literally have a few friends here... i have one mom friend but i get to see her every 3 months or more because she works and is always busy wich is sad because she is really awesome. Id really like to meet some moms and set up play dates, and if we get allong well, id love to go on adventures like going to parks, camping or just as simple as hanging out and watching movies or shearing recipies. (im a really good cook, will share and love to learn) <3 (also studied allot about growing your own food) <3 I LOVE PLANTS and im supper passionate about them and food ofcourse hehe! im super excited to get to meet mama's, some cute baby's and kiddos! looking forward to hearing from ya'll! <3 :)