All work and no play.

Life is stressful these days. My husband and I are working and we are expats in Bahrain. My daughter is 5 years and she has been quite off the mood lately. I confess We are not getting enough time to spend with her. My husband brings work home almost every weekend jeopardizing any weekend ideas with her.

We moved here 1 year ago and life is still not settled down. I wish to do something for my daughter, take her to the attractions at Bahrain Malls or take her to the beach. Life has slowed down for us, but she is growing steadfast. I fear we are losing precious moments in her childhood.

I talked this with my husband, but he is too tired to listen to me. He feels, all the hard work is keeping us secure our future and that I shouldn't worry too much about that. Yet, sometimes he expresses his desires to have fun with us.

Should we leave our job here and return home? Will that be sacrificing our future for temporary happiness at the present?

  1. [ deleted account ]1 year ago

    At five years old your daughter is old enough to understand that sometimes mamas and papas need to work and so they can't always play. I wouldn't make big career decisions based on just that but if there is a different position your husband can take, it's definitely something to consider!

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