Any DIY ideas to apply on drain cleaning!

Hey, I'm from Calgary. I encountered a strong smell of rotting food coming from our sink I know it is because of the clogged drain. When I noticed water drains very slowly from the washbasin, I tried some DIY ideas from Youtube. I've used the mix of salt and baking soda with vinegar it has worked for unclogging the pump! But now this smell is annoying.

Moreover, it is the kitchen drain, so it is difficult to cook and eat! I'm a working woman so to ease my day my hubby has suggested a nearby drain cleaning service( I feel it is unnecessary to spend on pro service to clean a clogged drain because I found a lot of DIY methods, though I'm not sure about the results! It would have much better if someone let me know the best DIY to unclog the drain without any defects!

  1. JustinetheQueen5 months ago

    Vinegar and baking soda.

  2. Willow Clark5 months ago


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