Any moms out there suffer DIASTASIS RECTI and how to fix it.

My baby boy was born like a toddler, 10.8 lb, it was huge. My surgery went fine but healing was so painful, still painful, after months challenging the doctors about why my belly was still literary 6 months pregnant look!!!!! She always said it is normal, i said not for me. Checked with another doctor, then surprised by the new news. DIASTASIS RECTI, macrosomic babies expand your ligaments in your belly, which cause that it does not close back, making any lifting painful but not to your belly, it goes to your back exactly your spine, doctor explained that anytime we lift something our belly muscle takes the shot to support that weight, but I don't have those muscles back so for that my spine suffer, I can even touch my spine pushing my finger from my belly straight in. Suffer and still with sciatic pain on hips, more on the left side. And of course I have a hernia which is not totally developed, so that is why they cannot do anything. Help please.

  1. Sunshinerainbow5 years ago

    and I also cannot exercise, any jump hits me hard on back and hips. I feel that I need some screwss in my body, I feel many things loose inside me.

  2. [ deleted account ]5 years ago

    Oh mama, I feel for you. The last thing you need to be worrying right now is this. I hope you come across someone else on the site who can help you through this.

  3. AmandaW5 years ago

    There is a method developed to help repair diastasis recti. I'm pasting a link below. Open it and use your browser's search function to search for the name 'Sahrmann'. There are 5 progressive levels of ab exercises to help repair the muscles after pregnancy. Start with 5 reps of the first one, and keep adding reps until you can do 20 without losing the tension in your lower abs or the natural curve of the lower spine. Once you can do 20 of the first level, move to the next level and repeat. Keep going until you finish level 5. If this doesn't fix it, you may need surgery.
    BTW I'm a certified fitness trainer and I did a course on prenatal/postpartum exercise. I also have diastasis recti. It sucks :( Good luck!

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