Any Oregon moms?

I just joined last night and apparently there are no matches for me :( how long does it take to find matches?

  1. [ deleted account ]5 years ago

    Have you tried to search for moms near you via the search menu? We are still very new so it might just take more time for moms to sign up in your specific area. In the meantime you should leverage our referral system to invite moms(from anywhere in the U.S) via your unique referral code. We have some fun prizes and the more moms you bring on board, the more entries you get into the monthly giveaways.

  2. Wardellhanna5 years ago

    I'm from Oregon and am apart of a Facebook group, I'm not sure if you can search it.. But it's called PMS(perfect mothers society). A lot of really nice people on there who live in Oregon:)!

  3. mamakat11145 years ago

    I live in Southern Oregon.

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