Baby waking up again at night... at the end of my rope!

17 months and waking up at night again :( What gives? I'm exhausted. The baby is exhausted. No one is having any fun being up between 1 a.m. and 4 a.m.

Is this normal? I'm going batshit!

  1. SophMadsMom5 years ago

    Teething? Has the baby been sick lately?

  2. S.marie845 years ago

    Same thing happened to me when' my LO was around the same age... I gave in and let her sleep with me :-P oh well... She's 26 mos and has been sleeping in her own crib so it didn't turn into a habit...

  3. Jamika10125 years ago

    My son just went through that phase. He's almost 15 months and, up until last week, he was waking up several times between 3am and 6. Also he no longer wanted to take his naps during the day either. I was sooo tired. I found out he was teething, I just couldn't see the teeth yet. To top it off he was sick with a runny nose too. Now he seems to be back to normal (fingers crossed). Have you checked to see if your baby is teething?

  4. Rachel Otremba5 years ago

    This is my 3rd baby and he's the worst sleeper of them all. He's 8 months and every night is a crapshoot. I never know what to expect. I wish I had advice but obviously I'm awake at 3am with a crabby baby.

  5. Sherry Diaz5 years ago

    the teething thing is common but how about gas have thats about the age when you are trying new things make sure to take it slow and try keeping a eating log for him i noticed that on the days i was giving my baby potatoes he was real fuss butt at night even though he loved to eat them i realized it wasnt working well with his belly

  6. sarahandleila5 years ago

    Yes, it's normal. They are more needy; they need to eat more often than you (adult or older children), go to the bathroom more, and need to be cuddled and loved. Spend time with them. Holding them gently often helps a lot, but if that isn't working at the time, try another thing; check their diaper, maybe they didn't get enough food or are hungry again, maybe they're sick (anyone gets more irritable then) so take them to the doctor. Make sure they're not too hot or cold (they're blanket is on or they don't have too many clothes on). Try talking sweetly and smiling to them. Change (redirect) them to a favorite toy (or any toy) , but don't scare them. Try playing peek-a-boo. There's lots you can do. If you feel burnt-out, pass them onto your partner. If you don't have a partner, call a friend for advice or just to hear someone else who cares should soothe you, which would help you be calmer with your baby, who is looking to be calmed down. They don't know how and you do. Take control.

  7. sarahandleila5 years ago

    Also try to rub his back, rock him in the rocking chair, put orajel on his teeth (it feels better after a moment)

  8. SummerCedar5 years ago

    There is an 18 month sleep regression....I know sucky, but totally normal.

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