Birthday cake!

Hi everyone,

I am Mizbaah , a first time user and many times reader of the community :)

Adam, my little prince's birthday is on 25th October (5y/o). My brother is settled in Birmingham and their daughter (Angelina) is turning 3 y/o on 24th October. We have planned to celebrate their birthdays together this time at Birmingham :)

Adam is particularly awed with a Birthday cake which he has seen in the last month while we were attending a Birthday party in Dubai. The cake was with 3D projection mapping ( ) on it and it was awesome. I asked my brother regarding this and he said me that he will search for it in Birmingham.

Could any of you help me to amaze Adam with a great cake with 3D projections? 2 more months are left for his Birthday and I would like to get a few answers from you.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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