Cary NC natural momma meetup

Hey ladies!
I am an organizer for a natural minded/gentle parenting meetup in Cary, NC. We have 40 families and get together days while daddy's are working and also nights/weekends with daddy's. If you are local and fall anywhere in the "crunchy" spectrum, check us out! I'll be homeschooling my just turned 3 year old and would love to meet more home school bound families!

  1. Nicola Hazel5 years ago

    Where in north Carolina is Cary....I recently move to asheville

  2. Natural Minded Momma5 years ago

    We're near Raleigh, in the center of the state.

  3. Nicola Hazel5 years ago

    That's like 3hour away...wish it was closer

  4. Christy Marie Morris5 years ago

    I live in zebulon... Wish I drove...

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