Cleaning with Kids

Cleaning up a living space just isn’t the work of a parent. The youngsters can also help in as they are too the inhabitants of the space. Bella from the trash removal in Toronto provides some fascinating ways to make the children involved in the process in her blog entry -
1. Keep it Simple:
2. Use Colour-code:
3. Play some Music:
The Third part is my favourite because he, my son Robert likes this part more. He enjoys dancing. Hope to engage in some dancing classes as he grows up. Might become one good dancer, one day.
Involving these activities can make the cleaning feel more relaxed and fun for you as well the kids. All will be having fun and the kids may feel a wanting to repeat the activity again every week.

  1. kelly_K2 years ago

    Yes indeed, these are good activities that can be put to use and are way too helpful in case you want to inculcate these habits in your kids. Would just like to offer few more suggestions for the home improvement with kids. You can make a Project Clean at your house and involve your kids to do the cleaning same time and day of every week. Assign tasks to your kids and also let them win awards for better cleaning. Furthermore to it, keep the cleaning supplies children friendly and very simple. If you are using a vacuum cleaner, make your child also use it in their rooms but of course under your supervision. Have age appropriate tasks for your kids and make them do simpler tasks like dusting, sweeping and making bed. Make some rules which needs to be adhered to. For example, make a 5 minute cleaning schedule in the morning and same in evening. These activities not only help the parents but also the kids as they learn to adopt cleanliness at a very tender age. Color coding the things is a very innovative step for cleanliness and you can distribute different tasks on a daily basis. You can also make a checklist of the cleaning that has to be done on a regular basis. Also create an accomplishment tracker so that the rewards can be claimed by your kids. And most importantly teach your kids and be patient with them. Cleaning with the help of kids will also help you get rid of your busy cleaning schedules. You can run errands and go to office in time.

  2. Kristinah2 years ago

    Am totally with you Kelly, except for the vacuum system... A minimal age I would suggest for that is above 10 or the start of their teenage period. It is true that a practice from the tender age can improve their lifestyle.
    The colour code step impressed me too as it has been easy on my kid, he is just 4. He finds it easy in arranging the items.

  3. Veronica Jones2 years ago

    Yes, I definitely agree with Kelly. When it comes to cleaning you surely need to involve your kids and this will help them when they grow up also. My 5 year old daughter is now fully conversant with making her bed though she is not able to fold the blanket properly but still gives it a try every day. I also assist her so that she feels she is doing the right job. I also involve her when I do laundry, like I ask her to bring in her dirty clothes and then wash them in front of her. At times, she gets her soft toys to wash too which is good as most of time she is in vicinity of those toys so they need to be clean. One of the basic help that I got was from my husband who has always ensured that my daughter knows the basics of cleaning. At times we even argued over it since she was too young to understand all this. And now when I see the results I can’t be happier than that. This color coding thing is definitely great and I will try to inculcate it in her schedule. Checklist idea is cool and this will definitely help me keep a track of cleaning that my daughter has done. As for rewards, it has happened in the past that when I was done laundry she would get me a “thank you note”. For cleaning and washing her clothes and soft toys, so basically it has become more rewarding for me. With kids, everything seem to be a roller coaster ride and I am definitely enjoying every bit of it. I have even started going to work on time and now I am more productive than ever before.

  4. Magda Pious2 years ago

    Yeah, well said. Making kids involve with cleaning is a very good idea. It also improves their cleanliness and their awareness. You can make it more fun with playing some music in the cleaning time etc. Have a nice time mammas...

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