College with a baby under 1 year old.

Hey mamas, I'm looking in to starting college in the fall, I have an 8 month old son and I'm just wondering if any of you have done that and how easy or hard it was? I'm trying to better my life so I can give my son all that he deserves.

  1. Christine Galloway1 year ago

    I started my bachelors at a university when my son was 4 months and still breastfeeding. I also worked full-time. I started going part time to school to get back in the hang of it and make sure I'd be ok. I didnt have much help from his dad but I set a schedule for my son to have a nap at 11 everyday and bedtime by 8 so I could focus on my homework during that time the slept. Saved my life by doing that. The following semester I went back to talk about going full-time but since I'm in a program they only offered certain classes every other semester so I had no idea once I started part time I had to basically finish part time. So its taken me alot longer then I wanted. I have one semester left and full time intership and I'll be done...finally! It's so worth it and with grants, single mom scholorships and certain programs to help lower the cost of daycare it's helped so much! It's not hard you can do it:) I'd suggest really setting a sleep schedule and managing your time wisely:)

  2. Thea Queen1 year ago

    Just go easy with everything. Best of luck for future :)

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