In the last year I have gone from never using coupons to using them almost every time I go shopping. It has become a hobby to try to find deals for things my family uses. I am hoping to connect with other moms who coupon or would like to coupon as well.

  1. Cheerio7774 years ago

    I do that some but it can be time consuming and take me away from more important tasks. So I only use coupons on pricier items like diapers, baby wipes, clothes, car gas, and food items we buy most of like TV dinners or bagged meals. Shop and Save grocery stores have price is right game where when you buy qualifying items, you get game pieces for the book and can win prizes or cash

  2. [ deleted account ]4 years ago

    I would love to have you guest post on our blog about couponing. I've never gotten into this but am SO interested in learning more about it from another mom.

  3. [ deleted account ]4 years ago

    I feel like the coupons that come in the mail are seldom for stuff we buy but I understand that now there's the whole world of online couponing. Are you getting yours online? Where?

  4. mcc84094 years ago

    I mainly just get my coupons from the Sunday paper, the internet, and store promotions. I have found a few blogs that really help. Krazy coupon lady is probably my favorite. I normally just pick a store I plan on going to and search coupon matchups before I leave. I usually have to take my young kids with me so I don't do large trips. I also work full time so I don't have as much time as I would like to put in to finding the best deals. I am still pretty new at it and I havent done any big savings on grocery items yet but yesterday I was able to get toothpaste and shampoo for free and a good deal on diapers.

  5. mcc84094 years ago usually has some pretty good coupons. I also use the store websites as well. Lately I have been doing most of my shopping at Target. They allow a manufacturer and a Target coupon on one item. You can also use their cartwheel app for additional savings on the same product. Sometimes they have deals where if you buy certain products you get a $5 gift card back. I am saving the gift cards to help with Christmas shopping. That was the first store I have started with because it is close by and has some good deals with the coupon pairings. I also have been shopping a lot at Walgreens. They had some good back to school sales and milk is cheaper there than our grocery stores.

  6. Cheerio7774 years ago

    There is one apple app I found that gives you coupons for places you are currently at or just went to like retailers or restaurants. Some free items too just for doing survey on your shopping experience. Another app has all major retailers on one app which lets you scan the coupon at register. Why waste paper. Go Green to save a tree.

  7. Amber Farrell4 years ago

    I am a crazy couponing mommy!! Haha!! I started about 3 years ago. I was so grateful to have a stockpile after I had my Amelia because I haven't had to shop for really anything for the past 6 months unless we were making a new recipe or something. It is very time consuming so since I have started school I have cut back though still make at least a few trips per month :)

  8. Lovey4 years ago

    The couponing apps that know where you are and ping you with coupons when you're in the store are just the best. No clipping necessary!

  9. Laney Wells4 years ago

    I'm going to have to check all this out. I really want to start couponing but I know it can be crazy intensive if you get really into it and I haven't the foggiest where to start! Now that I'm on my second wee bairn I know all too well the cost of baby. Really excited to check out these sites and get into this!

  10. Mia DeGroot4 years ago

    My suggestion is to google some of the blogs and online forums. I am Canadian so ours are a little different and harder than yours but I have still saved alot of money especially when you pair it with pricematching!

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