Easy kids halloween party ideas???

Um, help? If you had to pull together a kid-friendly halloween party in two days how would you do it. Ages range from 2 to 7 and grownups will be there!

  1. mamaof24 years ago

    I would of course get decorations from the dollar store its cheap and easy! To make make it fun I would buy the green hawian punch and put it in a punch bowl and pretend its gobblin juice lol. Cupcakes with eyeballs or gummy worms on it. Kid friendly Halloween music or a movie. Its pretty simple. Will u play games?

  2. Looby4 years ago

    I did this for my lil ones birthday. Not as fancy I CBA with glitter and all that stuff we just put candy in the balloons and pinned the balloons to the wall

  3. [ deleted account ]4 years ago

    Love these ideas - especially the goblin punch and the balloon pop thing.

    Do kids still like the blindfolded bowl of brains type stuff we did as kids? Anyone remember that?

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