Employer-based life insurance - is it worth it?


I'm signing benefits right now for my employer, and I'm at the part where they want me to sign up for the various company-owned benefits. When it was just me, I didn't bother - if I'm dead, nobody is going to need any money from me. Now that I'm married, I find myself wondering if a small chunk of change wouldn't hurt.(Incidentally, SWMBO and I had a conversation about life insurance last night. We're both in agreement that if we have a child, we'll get enough insurance to guarantee that if something happens to one of us, the other one won't have to work to take care of the child so that we can spend our time raising them instead - this insurance plan won't get anywhere near that. It basically caps out at $150k on me.)Now my basic instinct is that anything offered through the employer that doesn't have a direct payout, like health insurance, is an "add-on" that's been marketed to them by some third party provider that is making extra cash off of it by offering poor rates. I did read an article online about how supplemental through an employer can be worth it due to the lack of a need for pre-screening, but given that we're both in good health with no background of issues that's not something I worry about.
Any thoughts?

Please help.

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