Finding a Job

Anyone else find it hard to find a job to fit a certain schedule? I have been in this boat for months now. Tried looking for stay at home jobs even and still no luck...any ideas??

  1. Jess M.G.5 years ago

    Are you interested in a certain field? What are your strengths? It isn't easy but don't give up. I'm looking as well. I just signed up for a course in web development to help with portable work skills. I"M also a military spouse, so moving all the time compounds the difficulty finding a suitable and rewarding career.

  2. Erica Madden5 years ago

    I have a degree in computers but everything I go to apply for in that field you have to have 2 years or more experience, so I am out of luck for that. I have been looking into work from home jobs as well

  3. Fatima805 years ago

    Welcome to my world. I ve been looking for a job almost six months now & nothing. Hopefully 1 day we will all get something good soon..:)

  4. Mary B.5 years ago

    I have struggled with work schedules since I had my oldest 5 years ago. She starts Kindergarten in the fall, but my youngest is only 2. I hope this isn't offensive to anyone, but let's be real- we're all struggling. I started selling Tastefully Simple a few months ago and it has made a big difference, because I sell food products it is sustainable and people return to purchase again. "join" is an option on the top navigation bar, feel free to read about some of the benefits. It has really helped our monthly budget- our daughter started swim lessons today because we could actually afford it.

  5. [ deleted account ]5 years ago

    There are writing and editing jobs out there for WAHMs but the market is super saturated so the pay can be SOOOO low that you really have to decide whether it's worth the time. I don't know how I'd manage, otherwise, with a 5yo going into kindy in the fall and a 18mo.

  6. KelseyPage5 years ago

    I have also joined a direct sales company more so to get me out of the house, cater to my own schedule and bring in extra income. It has also provided a supportive community of other work at home moms and driven women building a business for themselves. There are many direct sale companies and varieties out there. I'm sure you could find one you love!
    I'm with Stella & Dot:
    I have friends who do Jamberry Nails.
    Also Ava Anderson, Usborne, Arbonne.

  7. jewls+15 years ago

    The job that I found that went along with my child's scheduled was I took a job as a caregiver for elderly. This kind of job has become increasingly popular. You don't need a lot of experience just the time to do the job. You also do not need a certificate to do this job. I could make my own schedule and spend quite a lot of time with my son. The only problem that I had to struggle with was the childcare cost and the right person to take care of my child because I only have myself to relay on for a support system.

  8. Cheerio7775 years ago

    Some of sales jobs out there are scams. When u have to buy something or pay a fee in order to make money I wouldn't partipate. Pyramid schemes are also scams. But you have to make up your own mind.

  9. Kara Crane Sylvia5 years ago

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