How to get rid off my back pain?

Hi All,

For many years I have suffered from low back pain, neck and shoulder pain. Previously, I was using massage therapy as a means to relax – after 90 min sessions, I still had no relief. I finally got tired of spending money with no results. My body was like a tightly wound rubber band. My husband saw the impact that this was having on my health and demanded that I quit. After sharing my problem with friends and relatives, one of my friends told me about [url=]physiotherapists in mississaugua[/url]. I have heard about it never been for treatment. I did hear that physiotherapy is not much good for chronic pain problems? Have you people heard about any similar cases? I did make an inquiry from an acupuncture center but still, I am in a confusion. Please do advice me?

  1. Jailynn093 months ago

    Have you been to a chiropractor at all? A single misalignment in your spine could throw your whole body out of alignment. They also will request X-rays If they deem it necessary to evaluate your issues.

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