how to handle picky eaters

I heard that lot of mom’s find difficulty in handling her kid who is a picky eater and just vanishes like that in thin air, if we lose sight of him. I also happen to be a work in home person. I cook, I share and I earn. My reputation is not so bad in the neighbourhood. I get orders in a not so bad rate. So, when this happens, I won’t be able to get him, my boy Adam to eat properly. I want to be the only person other than my husband and our family to be with him until his school days, starting next year. So, I haven’t bothered in bringing in a nanny too. I searched the internet and found few tips on the blog I would really ask those in need to get to or follow at the least a few of these steps, it came a lot of help to me now.
In the entry was one thing I loved the most. To cook together with the kid, so they can know and feel the smell of the food. I would sit with my Adam and talk to him while preparing lunch and dinner and my orders. We happen to have a natural connection now. My next target is to have a veggie garden in my yard. Had already spoken to few about it. Will tell more on another post later. :)
Hey moms out there, try the blog. It really is a good analysis on the toddler habits by Health and Nutrition.

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