I can't tolerate this anymore

Hello guys!!
I and my husband are not on good terms. He is troubling me a lot these days. I can’t tolerate him at all. Last day at night he was drunk and we had a fight. Suddenly he lost his control and pushed me, hit the shower mirror inside the bathroom and it got broken. My left hand got an injury and it was bleeding. I took some home remedies. Then at morning when he woke up he saw the broken mirror and he was asking me for the reason. I was getting angry and explained the whole story. Even though I was not well he didn't bother it much. He went to office morning itself as usual. He is not all bothering me and considering me as a human being. He phoned me and asked me to place an order for new shower mirrors ( ). I placed an order which was suggested by a friend. He didn't ask me about my health or whether I'm ok or not after yesterday's incident. I don't know why he is behaving like this. I'm totally fed up with him and this life. Are you people have gone through similar situations? Share your replies.

  1. vettegoner6 months ago

    No, I stopped putting up with shit like that back in the 80's. Sounds like you need a divorce.

  2. Linnea Lopez6 months ago

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  3. dogmom016 months ago

    You need to just leave, let him take care of himself, get your baby and go.

  4. catwoman5 months ago

    If he doesn't even ask you how are you, it means that he doesn't care at all. Even if he will, what he did, it means that he may do it again. it's your life, you should know how do you want to live it.
    Wish you all the best!

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