I think before start commenting someone else stories you have to tell your own.

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I think before start commenting someone else stories you have to tell your own.
So there is my story. I’m 43, my first marriage wasn’t successful, and not because someone was wrong, no, after years together we understand we want to go different ways. We don’t have children and I’m glad we split up because both of us happily married again. Second time I got married when I was 39. My husband told me he wants to have a child with me straight after we went to serious relationship. I always joke about it but he really means it. I can’t get pregnant (MRKH syndrome) and I knew this for all my life. I told him about my syndrome, but my genius husband find the way out of this situation – surrogacy (I still can use my egg). I wasn’t sure about this idea at all, I never think about children, no, of course I wanted to have them but I give up this idea and except my diagnose many years ago plus my ex never wanted children. So when my shock gone we make a decision to go for a surrogacy and if, in some reason it doesn’t work, we will consider the option of adoption.
And the search began! I don’t know what was harder got my uni grade or find place where I want to go through the surrogacy program. I can honestly tell you we had enough money so we even consider US made me change my mind (surrogate mother can ask for more and more money, blackmail you). I didn’t want to have all this stress. India was not even in my list (because of their life conditions). I was almost desperate to succeed when I’ve been recommended Ukraine with the variety of clinics. I tell my friends Ukraine is the second home for my child)) We use BiotexCom clinic because of their good reviews and great results in past. I chose contract where everything was included, price was more than suitable for me. I truly fall in love in this country with their very kind and friendly people, tasty food and amazing doctors.
Now we are happy parents of Chloe absolutely gorgeous 3 year old girl. She makes me laugh every day, and makes me feel so proud of my husband who force me in this happiness!
I just want to say for the ladies who desperate or loosing home - never give up. If there was the way out for me there will be one for YOU!

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