I'm fed up of eye glasses

Hi, I was troubled with a headache during classes and faraway objects were blurry to me. It was difficult for me to read what was written on the board. I used to copy notes from neighbours as it was difficult for me to understand what was written on the board. It was difficult for me while driving at night. When I shared my problems with my sister she suggested me to have a check-up with an eye doctor. The doctor diagnosed nearsightedness in me after the eye examination ( ). I was hearing about it for the first time. the doctor suggested me to wear eyeglasses and I hate them. I would like to get contact lenses instead of glasses. What is your opinion? Is it hard to take care of lenses? What is your opinion? Kindly share it.

  1. Boone1 year ago

    Hi there, How are you. Well I am sorry for what happened with you. Well yes taking care of lenses is difficult than glasses. Glasses are easy to take care of. Contact lenses have some issues. First it is really expensive. Secondly it has quality issue. It could effect your eyes in a bad manner. That is really not good. I recommend you glasses. Forget about this. Don't worry. It would be best for you.

  2. jenifercox061 year ago

    You have to wear glasses. I don't prefer contact lenses. Lenses and me have a very bad history. They look beautiful no doubt in that but it's not good for eyes. Direct sunlight could destroy lens as well as eye. That is no good for you like it wasn't for me. I hate that time when it was happened to me. Don't wear lens. I am scared of it. Glasses are good. Great though.

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