In need of some friends

Hello everyone, I'm new here and just need some one to talk to. I stay home most the time and don't get out much, I don't have many friends. I am very shy and don't talk to a lot of people, we live to far from town for me to go out everyday so I have to stay on the farm most the time. But I would love to have someone to talk to on here and would love to get to know some other moms.

  1. MommieTeach1 year ago


    I can understand the need to have some friends to talk to! I am also shy and don't get out much. It looks like we have a child close to the same age, I have a 13 month old. I'd love to chat with you.

  2. Megan B.1 year ago

    Hi I feel ya. I am a single mom and I work but I mostly work alone. I live in Colorado but we could still talk and be long distance friends.
    Hope you Have a awesome day!!

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