In search of a fellow mom “best friend”

My name is Ashley, I’m 22 years old. Married to a politician. Mother to two under two. Both little girls aged 20 months and 5 months. My whole life I’ve been surrounded by toxic people and situations. I started burning bridges for the sake of my babies and my relationship with my husband. I decided that it was time that I be happy for a change. That has since left me with no friends. I don’t really leave the house. It’s just me and the girls Monday through Friday. I start a new job working weekends this Friday. I’m really just looking for someone or a couple of someone’s to be a really good friend to. I’m kind, loyal, outspoken, helpful. I am currently working through my anxiety that I’ve carried since I was a child so I do come with some baggage. But I promise that if anyone cares to bother, they will find that I’m worth it. Message me if you please (: thank you all.

  1. [ deleted account ]1 year ago

    Married to a politician? Sounds neat!

    Good on you for making the decisions you needed to for your family! Too many toxic people in this world!

  2. Chandlermama171 year ago

    First off, I’m so happy you stopped watering dead plants! They can be so toxic! And I️ know it felt good to let go that baggage! Second, I’m a new mother looking for new friends as well. I just relocated to NJ, from Nashville TN. Huge step and now I’m taken baby steps.
    Just wanted to say hellooo!

  3. callisy9 months ago

    This is so good. Sometimes you gave to burn bridges. Not because you are anti social but because you deserve the peace of mind. Just concentrate more on your family. Now that you have two children you have enough company. Focus in building yourself. Sometimes people smile in front of your eyes. Yet they are the worse behind your back. I always believe it is better to have even if 2 friends. As far as they are worth it. You can have a million friends but toxic. I believe you can get the assistance that you want here. I will be glad to make friends here. I am also new and pregnant. My pregnancy came after some medications in Bio tex clinic in Kiev. Their services re so good that they are running out of the economy package. It is my first pregnancy and I don't know a lot about it. maybe with interactions here I will get help. I look forward to be of help to others too. Feel free for any kind of interaction.

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