Know about medical marijuana treatment?

Hi everyone!
My sister is troubled with insomnia. She is troubled with a sleep disorder. Last night, she was sleepless and she was crying aloud due to a horrible nightmare. She is restless all the night. I googled to find a solution to her problem. I read about medical marijuana from a clinics website in Nova Scotia-
They provide the medical marijuana treatment for sleep disorders, depression, cancer, anxiety etc. \
Does anyone here know the pros and cons of medical marijuana? I would like to know more about the same.

  1. Caitlyn Maddy8 months ago

    Hi dear, I am sorry to hear about your sister's problems. I wish her good health and peaceful living. I wonder if you have tried any sleep medications and consulted a doctor on the matter. Because sometimes the internet is a great way of leading you off the right path. Medical marijuana is a disputed subject and everyone has a different review. But I believe it is only prescribed in the harshest conditions like battling pain in cancers, Alzheimer's and perhaps epilepsy. It has side effects of heavy addiction, low productivity, sluggishness, and psychosis etc. I don't believe any doctor would prescribe it when there are far safer and efficient ways of dealing with insomnia and sleeping disorders. In the end, it is wiser to discuss it with some professional. The most terrifying outcome that I fear is the addiction to the drug and I do not want your sister to go through that. Best wishes to you both.

  2. agnes068 months ago

    Hey Elizabeth, I hope you are fine. Well yeah, Marijuana is a herb. And is used as a medicine too. But its prohibited in many countries. Because people misuse it as a drug. By mixing it with some other tobacco. And rolling it with different rolling papers. And we all know that smoking is injurious to health. It leads us to cancer. It does give a mind some temporary relaxation. Or you can enjoy your own fantasies too. But excess usage is bad. Use it as per your doctor's advice. I hope your friend get through this traumatize condition. May she get well real soon. Stay blessed.

  3. Ciera Renner8 months ago

    Hey Elizabeth, how are you doing? I hope you're in great health. I have a lot of experience regarding marijuana. It's great for recovery, pains, anxiety, and depression. Depends on the stuff. It may give you a little paranoia but that's alright. What your sister can do is. Get a few grams, don't smoke it if you're not a smoker, try and bake it. That will last more and give a better high. It will help you feel better. It can provide more pragmatic results than normal medicine. I totally recommend it to you. But don't overdo it. Addiction can be a bad thing. Much love honey. Take care.

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