Leaking framed shower doors..

Hey, the shower in our master bathroom is leaking. It is a framed one, bottom frames have swelled due to the leaking water. It has been 3+ years since we have this.
A plumber friend of my husband came to check the issue, he said it is the door which is causing the leak.
I haven't expected to hear back from the custom glass company, who have installed this framed showers for us, though I just contacted them. Surprisingly, they came by to check this and agreed to repair this for us. They said even if they fix this, it won't persist for years as the frames started to corrode from the leaking water. So we plan to have a frameless shower at minimal cost(they offered a special discount). I adore the idea of having frameless shower doors, but my hubby is concerned about the leaking issue. He thinks frameless doors are more likely to leak than framed ones, even when we have leaking framed doors!
His doubt is the deal breaker. To resolve his dilemma I would like to know from people who have frameless glass showers at your bath!
I know frameless ones cost a bit more. But it will be very easy to clean! Also, there won't be the issue of corrosion!
If you have installed frameless showers, please tell me what was/wasn't good with it.
Many thanks.

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