Let's change the world!

Hello everyone
My name is Aviv and I opened an online toy store
The goal is not only to make money
The goal is for everyone to stop paying high prices for toys
Enjoy a great variety of toys and accessories for babies and children

10% from your purchase will be transferred to Save the children

which aims to take care of helpless to 157 million children throughout United States and Africa

You will be posted to your email regarding your donation
Thank you very much and let's do something good
Any question I would be happy to answer in detail to everyone!

  1. Mahima0011 year ago

    Your concept is very good and much similar to i found this article on web.

  2. Linnea Lopez10 months ago

    Every women is equal to every men. If there is a big importance given to men then given equally importance to women. When women works like men the world can change rapidly.
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