Life changes! What would you do?

Current situation:
- I'm working full time on 3rd shift basically the only income we have
- daughter is starting kindergarden in aug (last semester of preschool hopefully a sitter in the summer)
- hubby is full time I'm school getting his masters in exercise physiology plus a 30hr a week internship plus being a personal trainer

- to be a stay at home mom and live on/close to the beach

Possible options
- staying here in St. Louis close to my family and hopefully the Hubbs will be accepted into a doctoral physical therapy program and still kinda live paycheck to paycheck


- move to Waco tx away from any family and Hubbs will attend Bradley and get his doctoral physical therapy degree for free (it also means he would have to commission in the army and he is a marine so total shot to the ego)


- we both go back in the military as officers and hopefully get stationed by a beach

I'm just sick if feeling like I work my butt off and I can't get any further with my family financially, I want to give them the world! I feel like everything I make goes to bills.

  1. [ deleted account ]5 years ago

    I know that feeling! I was and then wasn't a SAHM because our circumstances changed and it was HARD. I guess my first question would be if you go with option 3, what would your chances of being deployed be at this point. Seems like a scary risk to take when it could be either one of you. Could you handle it? (I totally couldn't...) The other question is whether you're willing to keep shouldering the financial load for right now if you stay put. Is it driving you crazy?

  2. [ deleted account ]5 years ago

    I think the first two options give you the best opportunity to become a sahm sooner. :) Have you ever lived away from your family before? Personally, I don't live near any of my family, but my husband lives near all of his family. He doesn't want to move away from them for our little girl's sake, so we'll be staying in Kansas no matter if there was a better job somewhere else. Well maybe we'd move if a better opportunity came, but it would have to be a pretty good one. I would love to move to Colorado and have mountains in my backyard.

  3. Rachael Cox5 years ago

    All good questions. 1 Brandon and I have gone through 2 deployments together and it def something we can deal with! (I love deployments honestly and he does too) we have Skype, cell phones ect that make it easier to deal with... Also I lived in nc away from both our families and it was fine, however we were pregnant no kids have come at that point so it will be different we are both prior service so we know how to deal

  4. [ deleted account ]5 years ago

    That's awesome, Rachael - I have so much respect for people who can not only deal with that lifestyle but thrive in it :) I'd say for you guys if your big goal is to be a SAHM - and I feel ya there - then whatever will make the most sense financially! Good luck!

  5. TF8085 years ago

    I would go with option 2. Education is expensive and if you can cut that bill out you will save big time in the future. If he is back in the military (paycheck, housing, ins, and inexpensive childcare if you want to work part-time to save more money)

  6. Denise Joy5 years ago

    I'd love to be able to live in Miami, FL!!!! Congrats on your husband being a Marine :) Tell him thanks for his service! It's hard to make any life decision. Pray on it!!

  7. [ deleted account ]5 years ago

    Good luck with your decision, and thank you both for your service to our country.

  8. Rachael Cox5 years ago

    Thanks guys! Your thoughts have really helped!

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