Looking for friends !!!

Hello beautiful momma's and momma's to be ! I'm looking for momma friends in the Elmont,NY area . I don't have much friends who are mother's and looking for someone I can relate to , hangout with , and form playdates with. :-)

  1. BerthaCarpenter1 year ago

    Hi, hope you are well. This forum will help you find friends in your neighborhood. Why don’t you start taking classes where both the mothers and children are involved. I made quite a lot of friends (mommies like us) in those classes.

  2. Yaretzi1 year ago

    Howdy Amna. All things considered, I'd truly wish to get along. Be that as it may, I don't live close you. Anyway! In any case, still, welcome to be companions with you. Along these lines, keep in touch with me back! Don't hesitate to visit about anything...

  3. LindaEskridge1 year ago

    Hey there! Beautiful mommy I m still trying to conceive so I can be your buddy if you want, we will go and watch movies and play games and do so many things. I m so bored too and we both will find other mommies too so we can all do these things together. Tell me if you're in. Because I m totally ready for it.

  4. Amna03301 year ago

    Hey guys thanks for replying ! Wished you all lived near you guys sound like some lovely ladies. Bertha i will definitely take your advice and maybe join a class. Yaretzi, we could be virtual buddies, i'll message you in a few. And Linda you live so far, i would have loved that but we can definitely talk !

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