Looking for other mom friends

Hello. My name is Rose. I have an almost 10 month baby boy. I’m a stay at home Mom in Pasadena Ca. Seems like a lot of the profiles on here are old. Not sure if moms on here are still looking for friends. I’d like to meet other moms to connect with and possibly have play dates

  1. callisy1 year ago

    You are so much welcomed in this forum. I hope you will enjoy being part of the hellomamas community. As you can say this is a place where mothers and mothers to be meet. If you have any issue you can highlight it here and get help. Not only that but we can also offer support. Since others cannot get it with the real friends. This will seem like a virtual family to you. I am sure you will get a friend from you are. I am not from that area. But hopefully you will find a match/. So tat you might be visiting each other during your free time. At least you can have people who you will be meeting in real life. In my case I am also looking for friends. I will be glad if I get to connect with people in this forum. Hope you enjoy your stay here.

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