Looking to chat with other moms.

I’m hoping to chat with other moms like me about parenting, work, fashion and other ”girl stuff”.

  1. Bermylady1739 months ago

    Hi there Rosalyn How are you Anytime you are available you can message me to chat!

  2. Rosalyn9 months ago

    Hi. Bermylady173. I’m glad to hear from you. It so nice to chat with other women. As parents, we sometimes get “lost” in ourselves and forget that we are also women who can always use the advice and support from other women. Chat with you soon.

  3. Cee8 months ago

    Hi there! I am looking for moms to share with and hopefully find friends too.
    Available almost all of the time.

  4. catwoman7 months ago

    Hi. My name is Megan. I would be happy to join you!

  5. Jhatiere5 months ago

    Hi, looking for the same things. Please! Please ! Please feel free to message me whenever. Still working on updating my profile but I swear I'm a real person

  6. [ deleted account ]4 months ago

    Hi Rosalyn!!!
    I’m in need of friends too! I would be happy in chatting. Oh my name is Sarina by the way. ☺️

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