Maternity photoshoot/boudoir

Have you ever wanted to do one? I did one a while back and I want to encourage all of you moms and prego ladies to do one if you are able. It was the most beautiful and amazing experience. I got to wear sexy things and look hot!!

  1. noreenwawuda9 months ago

    Hello there. I have never done one and I am regretting it. My friend recently had one and I am jealous. Let me just be honest ;-) The photoshoot was awesome. when I get pregnant I will go and have one. It is also a sign that you are proud of your pregnancy. I mean who is not proud? I also see pictures of pregnant women online and wish it was me. I wonder how comes no one told me to have one. Your post came kind of late too, haha. I will also encourage other pregnant women to go and have one. When you conceive you will be going through them. I also like the photoshoot because of its diversity. If I have a maternity photoshoot I will use different clothing's. From bikini to traditional wear and even modern ware. That way it will look more interesting. I know those who have had one really enjoyed it. You can remind me again in due time, haha.

  2. Linnea Lopez8 months ago

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