Looking to make new Mom friends

Hi! I’m Jessica and new to this site. I’m a stay at home Mom of a 7 1/2 year old girl in Marlborough, Massachusetts looking to make new Mom friends to socialize with, hang out and have fun! Looking forward to meeting new people! Check out my profile and message me

  1. BerthaCarpenter1 year ago

    Hi, you seem like a worn out stay at home mom. As this age comes, you really need friends when you are living in a completely new locality. Children needs their same age children to play with and moms need their time with their same age mothers. share your locality and i will get in touch.

  2. Yaretzi1 year ago

    What's going on with you? The pleasure is all mine here! Goodness! That is extremely decent to know! You're extremely fortunate to be a parent! All things considered, I am not a mum. In any case, I can truly be companions with you. Be that as it may, I'm extremely making a decent attempt to consider now. I seek it works out for me. I'm additionally considering an IVF methodology not long from now. However, I truly feel that I can turn into a mother sooner or later...Anyway! Remain favored here. I am here in the event that you need to discuss anything; don't hesitate to share!

  3. LindaEskridge1 year ago

    Heyy there Jessica! I hope you're doing good. Okay, so I totally understand your situation. A time comes in a person's life, at which everything seems so bored. A person looks towards the new things in life. So one must make new friends. Without friends, life seems so boring. And if you're a mom then you must have some other mommy friends. So you guys can do little parties and go on shopping for baby stuff. So you must meet new people. Well, I must say, you've chosen the right place to find new people to spend time with.Here everyone cares for one another.And all you get is love and support.I myself have little cute baby girl. I hope you wouldn't mind spending time with me. We can go shopping and lunch together!I myself have little cute baby girl. I hope you wouldn't mind spending time with me. As I'm looking for some friends here too! Much love

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