Mommies Fitness comes to you!!!

Heellllllllooooo Mama's!!!

My name is Sabrina and I have been doing back yard mommy bootcamps! Sometimes this goes on in a track,back yard, or at a park. If you want to host a bootcamp at your house I would love to come to you and set up a KICK BUTT workout. It's been fun for the kids especially, because they have play dates!! Plus moms get a chance to come together in a positive way and help support eachother in your fitness journey.

If you're interested please contact me at

*⭐️$80 you can have up to 6 people
(My prices may vary based on location)

FB @ Sabrina Toth
Also you can check my site out @

  1. [ deleted account ]1 year ago

    Love this idea! What a fun way to get some exercise!

  2. Lady Sophy10 months ago

    What a great idea Sabrina! Finally someone has come up with a good solutions for all new mommies who want to get in shape, but also be with their children as much as possible. Ladies who try to juggle work, family and self-care know what I am talking about.

    It`s true that many women find difficult to be consistent when they just workout at home (with the child running around and all that), I`m also one of them. The other way around, I find it different when I actually have to prepare myself for going to the gym or group training (I like pilates and yoga the most). I tend to have my my gym gear always ready if I decide last minute I want to exercise: comfortable women`s gym tights:
    I like when they are high waisted because of my mummy tummy :D, comfy workout top and a proper shoes.

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