My daughter leaving for university

My daughter got admission at UBC, Vancouver. She is very excited about her new university. It was her choice to join that university. She got admissions for Business administration. It was her decision to choose business studies since her father is a businessman. She says if she studies business, it will be easier for her to take over father's business. She said the campus is pretty interesting and she likes the atmosphere out there. She is satisfied with the hostel accommodation( ) and she assured me that the living will be comfortable at the hostel. I haven't visited this university and I don't know anything about them. I just want to make sure that she has chosen the right decision. I am really anxious about her studies and accommodation out there. Is there anyone who knows about UBC? Is it a good choice?

  1. Ada10 months ago

    hey kelliM!!! I think she did her best. According to our ancestors, the task in which our child has interest should do that. This will develop her interest in the business. She can also help her father in this way. Once you took a decision don’t think about it anymore. Once you take the decision to make it right. You should appreciate her decision. if you will in doubt then she will never able to do a study with interest. This will be the reason for her slackness in studies. You are her mom and you have to play your role actively. You will be a royal model for her. Stand with her and encourage her decision. this will help her a lot. next thoughts are yours.

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