Neck sprain while work

I am working for a sports company as a trainer. Last day while practicing weightlifting, my neck sprained. I tried ice bag for 3 days but no change was seen. After that, I tried exercises using youtube videos. But I couldn't find any difference in that. Since I am training my students for the upcoming event I want to recover from this as soon as possible. Well, when I spoke about this to my friend, he suggested undergoing a chiropractic treatment. He also added that there is a chiropractor in North York (
). I have taken appointment to see the chiropractors. I want to know in detail about the chiropractic treatment.
Will this treatment take time for curing? I want to know whether the one-time treatment will be enough for the retrieval from the sprained neck? How frequently should I take this treatment? Is this an expensive treatment? Is there any side effect for the treatment?

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