Need space to store our belongings

I live in Toronto with my husband. We are planning to leave for Paris next month. So before we leave, we need to shift our household items to a safe place. We are currently living in an apartment for rent. After we return from Paris we will move to a new house. Until then we need to keep our household items in a safe place. We are actually planning to shift some of the items to my brother’s house. There is a garage near to his house. My husband needs to store his machines and tools as well. The garage is not big enough to accommodate our belongings. So we decided to shift some of our belongings to a cheap storage in Toronto( ). How long can we keep our belongings in storage units?

  1. callisy9 months ago

    What you're planning to store. You need to have a good idea of what and how much stuff you're going to store. Don't just rent a space with the idea that you will fill it up with stuff as time goes on. Price. The rent on the storage spaces varies widely depending on location, size, whether it's climate controlled, whether it's a space you can drive-up to or not, etc. Assess your needs and stick within your budget.What kind of space. Maybe you need a studio apartment-sized space or just a mini unit. When assessing the size, don't forget to consider getting a space slightly larger than you think you need if it's going to act as storage that you access often. You will need space to walk around and move things. On the other hand, if you're just storing an entire room's worth of furniture until you move, a space that fits exactly that is big enough. Are you storing artwork, photos, electronics? If so, you might want to consider a climate-controlled space. Insurance. Most of the places I spoke with don't offer independent property insurance so you will need to check whether your home owner's insurance (or renter's insurance) covers goods stored offsite.

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