Need suggestions on installing billing process for a startup

Hello mamas,

I'm a mother of two kids, a 4-year old daughter, and a 1-year old son.
For the last 4 years, I have been sitting at home to take care of my family and children. My husband is not a kind of family man and I don't get any support from him in looking after the family.

I'm getting bored on spending all my time with the household matters. I want some entertainment and I need my own time.

I'm planning to start a restaurant along with a catering service. I hope I could explore the world of cooking in which I'm highly interested.
But, I have no idea about the automated systems used by this generation businesses, especially the billing process and documentation.
I would like to get your advice on the document management system provided by Ash Conversions
( )
Will their service help me with my business?

  1. JustinetheQueen5 months ago

    Starting a restaurant is a huge endeavor. Good luck.

  2. Jhatiere5 months ago

    Okay so I'm starting a similar situation but in marketing. My first suggestion and literally my life right now is to say GOOGLE IT. I mean I have my business plan my products are working but I still google answers to literally every question I have. When you say automated systems , what exactly are you looking for?

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