New here, need friends!

I recently moved from IN to GA. If you'd like to be friends let me know!

  1. [ deleted account ]4 years ago

    Thanks for joining mama! We are in the process of enhancing our forum experience so that moms near you see posts like this. Wish I lived closer!!! Definitely leverage our MomFinder tool to find moms near you!

  2. Cc4 years ago

    I use to live in Brunswick ga, what area r u around

  3. Mommy of 94 years ago

    Hi, my name is Queen, I to am looking for friends here. Where in Ga do you live I'm in Monticello.

  4. Shelby Parrett4 years ago

    I live around the buford lawrenceville area

  5. Mommy of 94 years ago

    Hi Meg, how are you? It would be great to get to meet hopefully you dont live to far from Monticello. You can contact me at or just call @ 762-435-7043. Im a stay at home mom so you can contact me any time. Ps that goes for any other moms looking for friends in Ga.

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