Nursing to bottle help!?!

Hi all,
I've just started a new job that I *love*, except I have to leave my 8 month old in daycare. I thought it was great that the daycare is right next door, I can go right in and nurse at lunch time....except the past few times, he cried and cried when I left! I almost think it'd be better if I didn't go in.

He's been EBF til now, plus solids. I had pumped once in a great while, and he took a very occasional little bit of bottle if he had to. Right now I have a little in the freezer thanks to a great friend, and pump fresh when I can, but no matter what he won't take a bottle! He has a sippy that he sometimes takes a little juice or water from, but won't take expressed milk.

Any suggestions are welcome! TIA.

  1. Jessica5 years ago

    I should add, my milk doesn't store for long, it gets that "soapy" taste pretty fast. I tried scalding once, it didn't really help.

  2. [ deleted account ]5 years ago

    Putting this out there - even though I actually already told you, hee - but try different kinds of cups, make a smoothie, something a little different that gets your LO excited about drinking it, or even fruit baby food diluted with your milk. Straw cups were the winners with both my kids - neither would drink from a regular sippy right away and my first rejected bottles after a few months and the second took one bottle before refusing them forever.

  3. KimGee5 years ago

    I second the straw cup. That was a winner with us. Also ... different bottles get different reactions. My first would only used the medela bottle, my second only playtex (the nipple is more realistic).

  4. [ deleted account ]5 years ago

    We LOVE the Playtex Nursers!

  5. MrsCeuel5 years ago

    My son didn't take a bottle from me at all, and he was very fussy when my husband tried. I was so nervous that he would reject them completely when I started him in daycare but he has had NO problems eating at daycare. From his first day he had 3 bottles. I work close to my daycare as well but I don't visit because I don't want to confuse or upset him.

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