Please help me to move on!

Hi all,

My home town is in Toronto. But, my husband was from Detroit and I have been living there for the last 7 years, with my family. We had a good life there. We had everything except a home. We were living in a rented house. And all of a sudden, everything got changed. Seven months back, my husband died in an accident. I had no one there except my 2-year old kid.

So, I planned to come back to my home town, where I have all my relatives. Now, I am staying with my parents here in Toronto. And I want to buy a home here. But, I don't have enough savings for that. So, only a mortgage could help me now. I don't know the current mortgage rates and the mortgage brokers here.

Can you please provide me the details you are sure about. In my search, I came across Northwood mortgage reviews( ). But, I doubt whether it is true. So, please help me with your suggestions and experience. Thank you.

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