Starting my career again

I have a degree in computer science and have worked as a software developer for 3 years. I stopped working as my son wasn't getting much attention. Now as he's 10 years old, I'm planning to start working again. I'm planning to do this course on mobile application development ( as it is a big thing now. I'd like to know some expert opinion on my decision. Do you think I have greater chance of getting a job if I move to mobile application development?

  1. Ada11 months ago

    hello ewoods76!!! I am also a software engineer. But not as much senior as you are. Other thing is I am not married. I am in search of job. so please pray for me to get a job. now come to your point. I can consider your tough routine. You should take a break. I mean should have break from your job. but it’s not too late. You should join again. but this time you can’t be able to work as a developer. You have to join some other designation. For girls, lectureship is the best choice. Try to have a seat as a teacher in any institution.

  2. camillenanjala10 months ago

    When trying to decide if you're ready to return to work, ask yourself the following questions. How long are your working hours? Working more than 20 hours a week before six weeks postpartum is likely to wipe you out. Your body needs time to recuperate. Is your job physically demanding? If your job calls for heavy lifting or climbing, you may not be up to it before six weeks. You don't want to use up all your energy on the job and have none for your baby when you get home. Besides, if you're not physically up to the demands of your job, you could make your workplace unsafe to yourself and others. How much flexibility do you have at work? If you find you've overextended yourself too soon, will your boss and co-workers understand if you cut back, or are they really counting on you? It will only add more stress to your postpartum life if you have to break a work commitment. Will you be able to take rest breaks, if necessary? Many women feel the need to take midday breaks. Having a place where you can put your feet up for a few minutes now and then can be very helpful. It's best to make these arrangements beforehand rather than scurry around with a hungry baby or engorged breasts looking for a private place to nurse or pump.

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