Stay at home jobs

Does anyone have any ideas of any type of work a stay at home mom can do? Small gigs? I want to do something from home while I take care of my baby

  1. SarahC.1 year ago

    Roseee, I'm in similar situation. I stay at home and take care of my baby, but also need some money. At first I tried to work as a copywriter for an online marketing agency, but with a small child at home it's hard to focus on research and writing. Now I've started graphics e-training. I was always good in drawing. Maybe you also have some talent you could use?

  2. [ deleted account ]1 year ago

    Hi, I am married and I am a stay at home mother.

    I started working with a company that people actually enjoy what they do, it is a job that you can call your own. You make an income with your own schedule while focusing on the important things in your life. This organization has been around for years and has integrity and genuine success! Perfect for stay at home moms looking for an income or moms looking to replace their 9 - 5 salary and dedicate their time to their family.

    This has been honestly the best decision I have made for myself and would like to share with those searching for a change.

    Please message me if interested or leave your contact information for more details.

    Warm Regards,

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