Suitable policy for my hubby!

My hubby is running a logistics company, based in Oshawa, he is looking forward to switching the existing auto fleet insurance provider, as the old insurance provider was really incompetent, and he was forced to waste a lot of time, figuring out, what is happening with the claims. As a layman, it is very important to understand the process and he prefers clarity over ambiguity and that is a principle that we both apply throughout our life. Most of our clients do not understand how a logistics business work, and he seriously makes it a point and ensure to clear all their doubts and try to educate them, on the in and outs of delivery, furthermore, explain to them what we do not. I think this clarity has impressed many of our clients and I could see that through the repeated purchase of our services. Last day, one of our regular customers suggested him a commercial insurance brokerage service in Oshawa , that have worked for him. So we have decided to switch the insurance service provider for sure, but looking for options, I am welcome to various suggestions in this regards, and I am also welcoming feedbacks on the service provider that was recommended to him as well as to our firm.

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