Tax law for immigrants!


I am a resident of Canada since 2016. As an immigrant, I have a lot to ask regarding the law and its regulation here. As I said, I have a lot to ask. But, now I am here to get some information on the tax filing procedures

What all formalities have to be followed for a tax filing?
What are the documents required?
How can we know the due date of tax filings?
What if we fail to make the payments on time?
Is credit report necessary to file the tax returns?

Can anyone over help me providing the details? I searched a lot over the internet and came to know about some tax specialists in Toronto( ).

Can we approach them for the queries? Or will they provide all the services related to tax payments? Or are they specialized only to provide services to the late taxpayers?

If anyone knows more about their services, please let me know it at the earliest. Thank you.

  1. Sarah0071 year ago

    I think the best way to get all these questions answered is to call a local tax preparer. They should be able to give you the advice you need.

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