Teeth whitening

Hey, I'm working in an MNC. My job is very stressful and as a coffee addict, I used to take at least six coffee per day as a stress relief. My dad used to advise me not to take too much coffee which is bad for health. But I cannot control it even if I try it. Yesterday when I posed for the selfies my teeth look yellowish and smiled without showing my teeth. When I talk I tried to cover my teeth because I don't want to show anyone my stained teeth. I discussed with my colleague and she suggested me to get cosmetic dentistry procedure teeth whitening from Edmonton ( ) . But I'm doubtful whether there is any problem of teeth sensitivity after getting treatment. Kindly share your before and after photos of teeth whitening and give your suggestions to recover my smile.

  1. Ada1 year ago

    hey people!!! Hope so you all are fine and enjoying your life. I want to ask you a question if somebody has experienced it then must share his/her experience with me. I am 20 years old and brush my teeth daily without missing one day. Even sometimes I used to brush my teeth’s 2 times in a day. I don’t have cavities in my teeth’s. I usually avoid eating too many sweets. Special at night I don’t take any sweets before going to the bed after brushing my teeth’s. After that my mouth looks untidy. Always there is a bad smell. Such a wide type of smell that people smell it and don’t want to sit near me more than 5 minutes. They avoid talking to me. It makes my personality down. Sometimes I feel more hesitation. I went to the doctor and gave me some medicine. I hate to take pills on this problem. It can create troubles for my stomach too. Please suggest me what to do. Thank you in advance….

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